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Tam Versiyon: Modular Building Companies
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Manufacturer and supplier of prefabricated modular buildings that can be used for various work purposes. The uses include onsite housing with one or more levels, dormitories, offices, sanitary and changing facilities, clinics and hospital areas, workshops, schools, kitchens and restaurant spaces. The general building design is very flexible and can be customized to match clients' specific needs. Moreover, unlike many other modular building companies, we provide optional supplies of accessories such as chairs, desks, tables, beds and bedding, kitchen equipment, water boilers, storage racks, electricity generators to furnish your workspaces.

Advantages of Module-T over other modular building companies

Among the many modular building companies, there are lots of good reasons to choose Module-T to supply your modular containers. These include fast production, transportation and assembly of high-quality prefab modular containers. However, another asset that distinguishes us from other modular building companies is our exceptionally high level of customer trust. Customers and clients are at the heart of what we do Modular Building Companies and we want to offer them the best possible prefab building solution that is quick, affordable, excellent-quality and environmentally friendly. Our reputation is also bolstered by our numerous DSR certifications that are available to view on our website.

Whilst most modular building clients hire local technicians to install their newly purchased containers, we can send over our own in-house technicians from Turkey to provide a first-class assembly service for you. They will expertly install all the required electrical and sanitary fittings to ensure they are completely safe and functional, so your modular building solution will be a worthwhile long-term investment.